How to Argue

Discussion Group How to Argue If you’ve completed Coaching 202 – How to Stop Arguments, you’ll have a really good understanding of how to protect yourself from the trauma that arguments can bring. You’ll also have a good toolbox of things to stop arguments before they happen. This is where this discussion group can be […]

Intimacy and Passion

Discussion Group Intimacy and Passion Some people wake up one day to discover that physical and sexual excitement has been replaced with the occasional cuddle or hug. For others it’s anxiety or health that means that they just don’t feel in the mood for intimacy. Then there are those who are craving closeness but seem […]

What is Co-Dependency?

Discussion Group What is Co-Dependency? Are you the one that is constantly making sacrifices in your relationship? Do you expend all of your energy ensuring that your partner is happy? Do you sometimes feel that you’re not fully appreciated for all you put up with and do in the relationship? If so, you may be […]

Toxic Behaviours

Discussion Group Toxic Behaviours How do you know if you’re in a Toxic Relationship? And if you are in one, what types of strategies can you use to help you either survive it, or leave it? It’s really good to chat about these types of behaviours, because sometimes we get so used to something that […]

The Amazing Maze of Perception

Discussion Group The Amazing Maze of Perception For anyone who has taken Coaching 103 – My Perception vs. Reality, you’ll realise why we have this discussion group (LOL) Perception vs. Reality is fascinating, mind-boggling and the very idea that our subconscious brain is running programs that sabotage us is infuriating!!! How dare our brain do […]

LGBTQ+i Connection

Discussion Group LGBTQ+i Connection In this lively discussion group, we chat about the seven guiding principles of living a happy, successful life both in and out of an LGBTQ+i relationship. Sometimes our discussion group is an in-depth discussion about gender and sexuality continuums and how they affect the masculine and feminine roles we take on […]