Samantha Boland

Samantha Boland *** Re-Pair’s Nutritional Expert in Residence *** Samantha is a certified nutritional therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, personal trainer and performance coach who wants to empower your relationship with yourself and your relationship with food.   Samantha is passionate about showing you how to take back control of your life and is amazing at helping […]

Nina Kati

Nina Kati *** Re-Pair’s Positive Living Expert in Residence *** Nina Kati is Ireland’s leading Feng Shui Interior Design Consultant, Educator, Coach and Speaker. Having trained for several years under two Oriental Masters, Nina is now highly sought after as an expert in the power of the Taoist tradition which transforms the relationships, well-being, careers, […]

Marion Keogh

Marion Keogh *** Re-Pair’s Green Expert in Residence *** Many home-owners who once had sad neglected gardens around their houses, have Marion to thank for now being the proud owners of beautiful out-door spaces in which to entertain, relax and create happy memories, surrounded by the explosion of greens and the multitudes of colourful shrubs […]

John Lowe

John Lowe *** Re-Pair’s Financial Expert in Residence *** John Lowe knows a thing or two about budgeting and debt management 😊 He is a bestselling author and writer on personal finance, with literally thousands of articles in print and with 18 books to his name – 16 of them annuals, John has quickly become […]

Ellen Fitzsimons

Ellen Fitzsimons *** Re-Pair’s LGBTQ+i Voice in Residence *** I suppose I would describe myself as a bit of a chameleon, in a good way. The truth is, I love so many things that I have learned to molt and change and adapt to situations, from a union negotiation meeting with Belgium in my HR […]

Carole Fitzpatrick

Carole Fitzpatrick *** Re-Pair’s Empowerment Counselor in Residence *** Carole Fitzpatrick has an extraordinary gift for de-stressing relationships and helping people to engage with their own powerful resilience. As a humanistic and gestalt trained counselor with a law degree, Carole brings the best of both spiritual healing and hard pragmatism to bear in all of […]

Carol Anne Lowe

Carol Anne Lowe *** Re-Pair’s Super Coach in Residence *** Carol Anne Lowe is an Executive Super Coach who has created Empowerment and Communication Techniques for thousands of people including Presidents, Prime Ministers and Corporate CEO’s. She is also the Creator and Founder of Re-Pair. Over the last 20 years, Carol Anne has created over […]