Coaching 114 - Lost in Translation

Intimacy is a beautiful gift in a consensual relationship. It helps us get through the tough times and it’s one of nature’s ways of holding couples together. But over time we can lose intimacy. Perhaps hugs don’t happen, or sex is a thing of the past.

But intimacy does not begin and end with the physical… it begins and ends with the subconscious programs that are running on your brain. For example, there is intimacy in sharing a joke or chatting in a way that is special to your relationship.

Intimacy is in fact all of the little things that make your relationship different to all other relationships and helped you to fall in love to begin with.

The Creating and Regaining Intimacy coaching session is really great, because it helps you to remember what intimacy looked and felt like in the past and shows you how to re-capture that intimacy through muscle memory in both your body and your brain.

If you have ever felt misunderstood, or find yourself arguing with people you love, this coaching session is for you.

Lost in Translation is all about Cognitive Linguistic Architecture©, which may sound difficult, but in fact it offers really simple solutions to some very complex relationship problems.

The language we use has many functions; we explain to be understood, we argue to prove we’re right, or fight for what’s important to us. In each of our relationships we all have patterns in the language we use and we have reasons why we use specific patterns with some people and not others.

No matter what our patterns are, we assume that everybody operates their language patterns in the same way, but that’s just not true. You may think you offer information in a gentle way but your partner may see that as being passive aggressive. Or you may be forth-right when explaining something but your partner may read this as being brutal and insensitive.

Learning the patterns others use and then comparing them with your own, allows you to speak their language, stop arguments before they begin and soon you’ll find that although you may not speak exactly the same language within your relationship, nothing is lost in translation.