Dear universe...

Dear universe,

How are you today?

I’ve been doing well since we last spoke, which I know was only yesterday 🙂

There have been some good things and some bad, but I’m doing my best to make good choices and steer myself and my family in a healthy way.

Today, I’d like to start by thanking you for all of the blessings that I have received.

Firstly I’d like to say… Thank you for giving me this day!

Thank you for my health… Thank you for my children’s health… Thank you for all of my family’s health, and my friends and all of those who are close to me

Thank you for my work… Thank you for my home… Thank you for the shelter… Thank you for the food and the clothes

Thank you for the love I feel all around me

Thank you for nature… the trees, the grass, the flowers, birds and bees and sunny days. The stars, white fluffy clouds and the dark ones

Thank you for all of the creatures and for my pets

Thank you for me!

Thank you for the strength that you have given me through tough times… Thank you for the support that I feel when I talk to you… And thank you for just being there.

As you know…

when I ask you for things, I am really asking for the power you give me to make better choices and to focus my own intentions so that I can maximise my potential for having the most beautiful life, Filled with beautiful relationships.

I know that you are immense and great, and therefore, when I ask for things that seem big to me… they are not big for you. And so, with a heart filled with love and gratitude for all that I have, I ask for your power and guidance to bring the following things into my life…

I ask for a healthy immune system to fight the cancer cells that have visited my body

I ask for a secure home that is beautiful and filled with light and love

I ask that you keep me safe and protected

I ask for an abundance of money so that I can do the things I want to do in my life and so that I can help and support those I love in their lives

I ask for more work, because I love my job and this would be the perfect way to make more money

I ask that you protect the people I love and keep them healthy and safe from harm

I ask that you bring love and joy into my life

I ask that you bring only positive people with good intentions into my life

I ask to be strong and resilient

Thank you for listening.

I know that everything is within my power and all I need to do is focus on love.