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Discussion Groups

It can be so easy to slide into feelings of isolation when we’re feeling insecure, unhappy, unsure, or just plain stuck.

So who do we talk to? If we’re having problems in a personal relationship, it can be very difficult to talk to friends and family without them taking sides. Likewise, who do we turn to in our work relationships, if we’re having difficulty with a colleague or boss, who can we actually trust to give us great advice without any vested interests being brought to bear?

Well the answer is… your Re-Pair Discussion Groups.

Moderated by Experts

All of our Discussion Groups are led by experts who have a vast range of knowledge both personal and corporate. So you know that you can relax, enjoy a coffee, listen to other people who may be further along in their journey or get right in and ask your important questions.

New Discussion Groups are scheduled regularly and a lot of our Discussion Groups are named to co-relate to your Coaching Sessions so that you know which ones will be most valuable to you. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for… we’ll create a Discussion Group just for you.

“The best part of being with a group, is knowing that you’re not alone.”

Positivity, Support and Advice

Most people who have coaching will find that two or three days after their Coaching Sessions, they’ll think of a hundred million questions that they wish they’d asked but didn’t think of at the time!

Our Discussion Groups are the perfect place for this. Ask questions, discuss specific ways that techniques could help your situation, or just chat about what’s going on for you right now… It’ll all help you to remember the great person that you are, and with new techniques to change what’s not working right now, you’ll quickly get back to being your happiest ‘You’.

And don’t forget that we also have Discussion Groups that are just for chilling out too. We chat about Gardening, Clothes, Holidays and other great things that remind you that life is for living and loving and just being happy.

“I couldn’t talk to my family, friends or anyone at work. I didn’t want to make people worried, or think that I couldn’t cope. There wasn’t anyone that I could trust. I’m a very private person, so I didn’t think that I’d be comfortable in the discussion groups. But everyone was very nice and I was able to ask all my questions and got some really good advice and support.”                      Philip