Your Chance to Start Again

Re-Pair is...

Re-Pair is a World Class Relationship Coaching Program which takes place online and is very affordable.

Re-Pair is ‘The Individual Route to finding Happiness Together’. So if your partner thinks your relationship is just fine as it is, or knows there’s a problem but refuses to address it… that’s okay. In fact, the best success comes through two people working the program independently.

Re-Pair is completely private and confidential. You create an Avatar at the beginning so that your privacy is protected.

Re-Pair is affordable. The program takes place on-line in small groups which allows it to be very affordable

Re-Pair is holistic. Re-Pair’s Discussion Groups, Meditations, and our ‘Bank of Wellness’ keep you focused on building your own Personal Self-Confidence, Resilience and Personal Boundaries.

Re-Pair is proven to change the programs and patterns that infiltrate and coercively control relationships.


“I was finding it very hard to keep going and didn’t have anyone that I could talk to.  Don’t know how I survived like that for so long. Really wish I’d found this sooner but very glad that I’m here now ”              Chris