Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, Re-Pair is not just for couples. It’s been designed to help all relationships.


Re-Pair is great for people who are currently in a relationship and need a little support and help.


Re-Pair is perfect for single people who want a new relationship that doesn’t repeat the problems they have had in the past.

Work Relationships

When you have goals for your career path you will need progression-support from your manager or up-line. And, often, you will need to have your career path supported by your colleagues in the performance and personality feedback they give in 360’s. Re-Pair can help you to build or fix the relationships that are most crucial to your success

Re-Pair has been built to help all relationships. Romantic, Business or Family. But most importantly, it builds real self-confidence and self-love  in the relationship you have with yourself

Absolutely! Re-Pair was built for exactly that reason!

We all know that we can tend to lose ourselves in our relationships. But it’s important to decide what we actually want and need from our current relationship. Then we can build strategies to get that.

Just because we want change doesn’t mean that our partners aren’t very comfortable with things just the way they are.

No problem … no need to change anything, right?

If you are in this type if relationship, Re-Pair can…

  • Help you to build your resilience and self-confidence back to where it should be
  • Help you to identify what the real problems are and where they stem from, and…
  • Help you to create new ways to engage with your partner for a happier, healthier relationship.

Of course you can! But we do recommend working separately towards achieving the same goals. This can fast track the breaking down of cycles and patterns that haven’t served you well up to now. It also enables you to build new programs that will accelerate your move to a happy, exciting and beautiful new beginning.

Working as individuals can lead to really fast results for couples becausethere’s no place to have “He said/She said” arguments or to engage with past slights or misdeeds.

Working as Individuals towards the same goal puts both people into the starting position of being completely equal with no one person being blamed or having to assume fault for current problems.

That why we call it ‘The Individual Route to Finding Happiness Together’.

Re-Pair is built to empower single people. Because we genuinely want you to have a life with Beautiful Relationships!

But sometimes we have a ‘Type’ and even if that ‘type’ hasn’t been working out for us… we just keep dating the same type of person over and over again and expecting to get happier results.

So Re-Pair can help you to identify what you really want in a partner and a relationship, and what works and what doesn’t, so that you can plan your perfect life and your perfect relationship without making the same mistakes over and over again.

Likewise, if your last relationship was perfect and you want exactly the same next time round, it’s important to know how to go about that without alienating your new partner with your ‘picture perfect ‘ version of your past 🙂

No, Re-Pair is designed to help with any relationship…

A family relationship – A friendship – A work relationship – A romantic relationship.

And of course, your most important relationship of all… the one you have with yourself.

Re-Pair is not couples counseling, nor is it psychotherapy.

Re-Pair is a proven Relationship Coaching Program which focuses on practical techniques and programs that can change relationships in positive ways in real time.

Re-Pair does offer Private Sessions with excellent counselors and therapists. Members can book Private Sessions through our Private Sessions Page in the Member’s Portal or you can contact us HERE


Yes. Private Coaching Sessions are available for members to book through our Private Sessions Page in the Member’s Portal or you can contact us HERE


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“Re-Pair is the first time in a long time that I feel confident about myself and my decisions. I am so glad that I  did this. Thank you.”              Phil

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