Getting Started With Re-Pair

Getting Started

It's Really Easy

Subscription Packages

Re-Pair offers 3 different Subscription Packages. Elemental, Superior and Elite. Each one allows you to set the pace for change that feels right for you by allowing you to choose the number of Coaching Sessions that you would like to have each month.

Each subscription also gives you access to Moderated Discussion Groups and varying levels of access to Re-Pair’s Bank of Wellness.

All Memberships give you Complimentary Access to Guest events.

All Memberships give you a Complimentary Private Session of 30 minutes with a Re-Pair Coach or Counselor before you begin your Coaching Sessions in your first month.

You can see full details and cost of each subscription HERE

Your Coaching Starts Immediately

Upon completion of your subscription process, you will be asked to complete your ‘Audit Dock’.

This is a simple form that gives you an opportunity to clearly identify and prioritise the problems  as you see them. It lets you highlight where you’d like to begin with your coaching and allows your Re-Pair Coach to understand your specific situation, so that they can build a coaching system that is specific to you and your current situation.

The Audit Dock takes about 30 minutes to complete and we call it a ‘Dock’ because you can revisit it as often as you like, which allows you to chart your progress as you move forward.

Your Privacy and Anonymity

Re-Pair has been created to be a safe and respectful space. That’s why everyone must sign a legally binding Statement of Confidentiality before attending any of the Re-Pair Sessions. This document is in place to give you a greater sense of security that your privacy and anonymity is being protected.

Creating your on-line persona is another level of protection. You get to create your own on-line Avatar which is the name that is visible on screen during Re-Pair’s online sessions. We recommend that you choose an Avatar Name that you’re happy to be called during your sessions.  

Additionally, all of our sessions are held using Zoom because it offers you many ways to protect your visual persona so that you can stay anonymous both online and visually.

Trial price 89 euros

Your Complimentary Private Session

When you subscribe to Re-Pair, you will be invited to a private chat with a Re-Pair Coach or Counselor who is an expert in the specific situation that you outlined in your Audit Dock.

This Private Session can be via zoom or phone, whichever is most comfortable for you to get started. All other sessions will be via Zoom Video. This Private Session in your first month is free and complimentary.

At the end of this chat, you’ll be directed to choose a date and time for your first Coaching Session which is called Coaching Session 101 – ‘The Audit’. This Coaching Session is essential and is where you get to discuss the plan that your Coach has created for you using the information you provided in your Audit Dock and your Private Session.

Re-Pair's Bank of Wellness

You can access Re-Pair’s Bank of Wellness as soon as you subscribe. So even in advance of your first coaching session, you will have access to Re-Pair’s Guided Meditations, Wellness and Mindfulness, Re-Pair Blogs, Affirmations and Advice to help you build your Confidence and Resilience.

Coaching Sessions and Discussion Groups

There are over 40 Coaching Sessions that you can choose from. Each one teaches you specific techniques that will make you stronger and more confident in dealing with the relationship difficulties you are experiencing.

Your Coach will advise you on the sessions that are best suited to moving you quickly from where you are now… to where you want to be.

Coaching Sessions will never have more than four members present. However, there may be occasions where you are the only participant, affording you a ‘Private Session’ without additional cost.

Discussion Groups are designed to support your Coaching as they give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you forgot to ask, or to discuss how you are finding the new techniques given to you by your coach.

Bookings for both Coaching Sessions and Discussion Groups are scheduled using points that are awarded to your account each month from your subscription. Each subscription gives the exact amount of points required to cover both your Coaching Sessions and Discussion Groups.

You can book Coaching Sessions and Discussion Groups through the Member’s Portal or directly from your ‘My Account’ Page.

Note* Every time you book a Re-Pair Coaching Session or Discussion Group, you will receive a NEW ZOOM KEY which gives you access to that session.
This key is a unique hyperlink that is generated for each session and can be used on your smart phone, tablet, or PC.
When the time and date of your booked session comes around, you will only need to click on the session key to enter.

Coaches, Couselors and Moderators

All Coaching Sessions and Discussion Groups are led by either a Re-Pair Coach, Counsellor or moderator who has specific expertise to each topic.

Re-Pair's Mighty Community

We invite you to join Re-Pair’s Mighty Community for free.

Here you can chat with our experts across all topics, join an online discussion, or ask for support, or advice.

Our Mighty Community also lets you know about all of our Free Events, Coaching Sessions, Meditation Groups or Guest Discussion Groups as they become available and gives you access to Resilience and Confidence Techniques, Personal Empowerment Challenges and Affirmations.

Trial price 89 euros

“Initially, I didn’t want to do the Audit because I just wanted to get going. And to be honest, I didn’t think that I’d need it because I’ve done some coaching before. But I realise now that if I couldn’t have moved so fast and made so much progress without it. Working on that ‘Snap shot’ of the relationship told me more than I could have imagined. The Coaches really know their stuff.”          Mark