How to Create a Vision Board?

Vision Boards are all about choosing visual images that can impact you in a positive way. You can easily create a Vision Board on your phone or computer by choosing images that resonate with you and then saving them in one place where you can see them easily.

Or you can get out your old magazines, a scissors and a glue stick and just start cutting and gluing to a board, a wall or just a piece of card.

There’s no right way or wrong way to choose your images…  just go with the colours that give you positive feelings and vibes. So if you want to just gather images that make you feel good, that’s great! Get going now!

But if you want a Vision Board that has a plan for the future… here are some tips.

Use The Wheel of Life

Below is an image of a Life Wheel commonly used by Life Coaches.

Now most people when you ask if their life is in balance, will immediately think of the work / life balance.  But what about all of the other parts of your life that are supposed to be in balance? Creativity, Spirituality, Sexuality, Health, Socialising, Wellbeing, Finances…

So if you’re not sure off the top of your head if you’re spending too much time in one area and neglecting others, this is a great visual tool. And… it’s also a great starting point for a Vision Board that ensures you are planning a future that embraces all areas of your life.

Start with a List

Sometimes just writing down a bunch of Headers and making lists beneath is a really good way to get started on your Vision Board.

You can have as many headers as you like and it doesn’t matter what list you think something should go in to. So be random and let your brain jump around to add things to your list. You can write down anything you like!

Here’s a Starter List to get you started:

Use a Brain Dump

Get a piece of paper and write down every wish and dream that you’ve ever had. Cars, Holidays, a new kettle, walking the Camino way, Visiting a famous restaurant, theatre or place. Basically anything that comes to your mind, just write it down.

Then think about your intentions… getting on better with a family member or letting someone go who is causing you an unease in your life. Just think about what would make your life easier. Add things that will make it better and make a list of things that you want to ‘lose’.

Then identify some priorities… These will be different for everybody. You might want to prioritise being more romantic or taking a walk every day; Eating more healthy food or spending time with a friend or member of your family.

Now, highlight the things on your list that you’d like to prioritise. They’re the images that you should look for first!


When you’ve found all of your images, why not start looking for Affirmations that would help you to stay on track.?! Write them on post-its and stick them around the house. I put mine on my bathroom mirror. That way my affirmations are the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see every night. Here are a few from our Affirmations Page.

Daily Peek-a-Boo

Now… this is the best part. Every day, take some time to just look at your images. Remember that the word ‘IMAGE’ is actually the first part of the word ‘IMAGINATION’. So imagine yourself doing the things in the images that you’ve collected for your Vision Board, living that life, feeling that happy, being that healthy… and watch your world change one beautiful day at a time.

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