Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony

For Self-Confidence Inside... and Out!

Carole Fitzpatrick has an extraordinary gift for de-stressing relationships and helping people to engage with their own powerful resilience.

As a Humanistic and Gestalt trained counselor with a law degree, who specialised for over 10 years in sexual abuse and now works using Energy Psychology, Carole believes that everyone should have the ability to be in a happy and loving relationship with themselves and the people around them.

Engaging with body and mind integration, Carole brings the best of both spiritual healing and hard pragmatism to how we engage with our own Inner Harmony and we here at Re-Pair are so proud to have such a Mind, Body and Spirit, expert in residence.

Weighting to be loved When you look in the mirror what do you see? What do you say to yourself? Are you telling yourself you ‘re too fat? Too skinny? Too old? Too small? Too tall? Too ugly? Too hairy? Too wrinkly? Now imagine saying all of those things to someone that you actually love… …

Learn to Love the Real You It feels like with each decade that I put on some more weight, so in my late twenties when I started driving I added a few pounds, not too many. My thirties and early forties I had babies and with each pregnancy a few more pounds landed and then …