Meditations with Re-Pair


Silent paths to Wisdom, Light and Calm


Meditation has been proven to relieve stress, provide better sleep and make us feel more relaxed. It’s really easy to do and once you’ve achieved 28 days of meditation, you will realise that you can jump into the meditative state in seconds.

Because we know the extraordinary value of Meditation we make it incredibly affordable to learn.

There are many meditations that you can access through Re-Pair. Some of them have been specially created to help you make difficult decisions and find solutions to problems, some will help you to connect with your spirituality and place in the world and others are simply beautiful, visual journeys that will renew your inner peace and joy.

Here’s a guide to just some of them…

Guided meditations

We’d love to have you join our guided Meditation sessions. They’re a great way to take some time out if you are feeling stressed and need to relax.

There are ones to help you De-stress, Relax, Energise, Let-go, Meet your Spirit Guides, Focus on renewing your Health, Build your Resilience and Self-Confidence or Surround yourself with Power.

Meisterschaft Meditations

Our Meisterschaft Meditations have been specifically created to allow the left and right side of the brain to talk to each other. Allowing both stored factual information and your creative processes to work together to build strong solutions to problems.

These are perfect for you if you are practical and solution based, and want to plan parts of your future in a relaxed, easy way.

Resounding Chakra Meditations

Our Resounding Chakra Meditations have been specifically created to empower you through energy created by your own body, mind and spirit. Once acknowledged and released this energy re-sounds as an echo of peace and calm through your day.

These guided meditations can direct your own powers of thought towards a new spiritual awakening and empower you to be stronger, more confident and more resilient.

Transcending Meditations

Neuro-imaging studies by Malia F. Mason and co-workers at Dartmouth College NH, suggest that the normal resting state of the brain is a silent current of thoughts, images and memories that is not induced by sensory input or intentional reasoning through guided meditations, but emerges spontaneously “from within.” during meditations that transcend.

For this reason we have a really affordable way to learn Transcending Meditations which create a state of deep rest similar to sleep, allowing you to completely relax both body and mind.

“I hadn’t meditated before but I definitely found the meditation and mindfulness very helpful. It’s lovely to get a few minutes every day when I can just switch off the world around me.”         Sarah