Mindfulness and Wellness with Re-Pair

Mindfulness and Wellness

Live Your Happiest Life… Now


Unlike meditation practices, mindfulness doesn’t require you to be sitting down or in a quiet place. You can literally engage in mindfulness anytime, anywhere.

Some people like to use mindfulness when they are exercising, walking, or working. Others like to have some techniques ready to banish anxiety and worry in the middle of the night.

Becoming more relaxed, feeling less stressed and sleeping better are often welcome bi-products of mindfulness practice, but that is not the main aim. Mindfulness is simply the art of being present in the moment so that you can feel more comfortable inside your own head and body.

Re-Pair offers you the opportunity to attend regular Mindfulness and Wellness sessions, and to receive daily texts of 5 minute exercises, positive focusing insights, and thought provoking quotes.


Wellness is a state of being that can be elusive to say the least. Somehow traumas of the past, and anxieties about the future rush in and steal our sense of Wellness in the present.

That’s why, we have many experts including ‘The Money Doctor’ who fill our Resource Centre with important information to help you towards a happier, more secure future; We have Discussion Groups, Articles, Incentives and Interesting Challenges that can help you to live your best life in the present, and we have Wonderful Events that can help you to let go of the past.

If we lived in an ideal world, we’d each have an incredible family who never judge and we wouldn’t need to change who we are just to fit in to any relationship.

If we lived in an ideal world… we could just be who we were born to be.

But until then, we are happy to be your family and your friend. We’ll support you when you need it and let you be yourself. Because in that sense of being allowed to be just ‘You’… that’s where you find true Wellness.

“I was very opposed to the whole wellness thing in the beginning… just couldn’t see how it was going to help. But I honestly didn’t realise that I was living on the brink.  Looking back I was in crisis mode and that’s a bad place to be if you need to make good decisions. It was only when I came out the other side that I thought ‘How did I survive that?’ ”          Fran