Dear universe...

Dear Universe              

I need to find a new place to live and I know that if I am very specific in what I tell you, then my mind will focus my attention on the adverts I see and it will keep it to the front of my mind when I speak to other people.

I know that you are immense and great, and therefore, when I ask for things that seem big to me… they are not big for you. And so, with a heart filled with love and gratitude for all that I have, I ask for your power and guidance to bring the following things into my life…

I know that it’s best to ask for my perfect solution rather than what I think I might be able to get, and I am confident that this beautiful new home will be mine.

So here goes.

I would like a beautiful house to rent.

I would like a house that is in the city but is surrounded by trees.

I would like it to be in a safe place for my two cats so they can stroll and chill.

I would like a river or a park nearby for lovely walks and to see the wildlife.

I would like the house to be very bright and sunny.

I would like the house to be in perfect condition with a great kitchen and a modern bathroom.

I would like the rooms to be large and freshly painted in colours that I like

I would like the house to be unfurnished so that I create my own beautiful, happy environment.

I would like a beautiful old-fashioned garden with garden furniture included so that I can sit and read in the sunshine. And I would like there to be big glass doors from the living room that can be opened into the garden.

I would like really great neighbours.

I would like the rent to be much lower than I am now paying.

I would like a long lease so that I don’t need to move again soon.

And now dear universe, I would like to thank you for helping me with this. I will help in the efforts by asking everyone that I know if they know of a beautiful house that I could rent and I will tell them what my dream home will be like.

And when I am falling asleep I will visualise what this beautiful new home will look like.

I know that everything is within my power and all I need to do is focus and visualise what I want..

And, I know, that when I ask you for things, I am really asking for the power you give me to make better choices and to focus my own intentions so that I can maximise my potential for having the most beautiful life, Filled with love and laughter in my beautiful home.

With thanks xxx