New Members Statement of Confidentiality

Statement of Confidentiality

Protecting You and Your Fellow Members

Please Sign Re-Pair’s Statement of Confidentiality.

This ensures that you and everyone else on the Re-Pair site knows that they can discuss and share in a safe and respectful space.

My Personal Statement of Confidentiality

I hereby agree to treat with complete confidentiality any information shared by another person during the Re-Pair© process.

I agree that I will never discuss the stories or information, or any other pertinent information that may be personal and private to any person that I hear, speak to, or engage with during this process.

I agree that I will never publish or write about any personal stories or information, nor will I post any photos shared in the Re-Pair Community Groups and Forums.

If, at some time in the future, I meet someone that I have met through the Re-Pair© process, I agree not to disclose where we met, nor to open a dialogue about the process in front of other people.

I agree never to record any audio or video of the Re-pair Sessions.

This Agreement and each party’s obligations forms a legal contract that shall be binding.