I'd Like to Have a Relationship

If you want to make sure that your next relationship is happy, loving and fun.

A  friend once said to me…

“I’ve had so many relationships and they all end up the same way. I think maybe I’m dating the same person over and over, but they’re just wearing a different suit every time I meet them.” She was joking, but she was serious too.

That’s because we all have a ‘type’, and even when we realise that our ‘type’ isn’t the best fit for us… we still keep trying.

Healing from a broken relationship can be faster if you understand the good and bad decisions you’ve made in the past that brought you to where you are now.

And even if your last relationship was perfect, trying to re-create a relationship that is identical to one you have lost is not a great recipe for success, as your partner will not be the same.

The end of every relationship, means that we have some grieving to do and Re-Pair can help you with that. And, happily, it can also help you to identify what you really want in your next partner and relationship

If you’re single, Re-Pair can give you real Confidence to make great choices, because it has been built to make you feel stronger and more insightful than ever before.