We Want to Re-Pair as a Couple

If your relationship has hit a glitch and you BOTH want to make it better.

Every relationship will have its ups and downs and during these times it’s better to work together to identify and achieve your goals.

However, this can be difficult for couples to do because quite often, although both people want the same outcome, they have different views on what’s needed to get there.

That’s why we encourage you to engage with your coaching experiences separately rather than as a couple.

Being coached as individuals means that you can’t re-hash old arguments or engage in the “he said/She said” circus.

Working separately through the Re-Pair coaching program also means that you can discuss and find solutions with your coach to issues that you may not want to discuss with your partner, particularly those conversations that always seem to go round and round in circles but never get you anywhere.

Attraction is more engaging when both people have their own personal self belief and self confidence.

And two strong healthy,  happy people choosing to create a future together creates a beautiful dynamic.