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Advanced Interview Skills

If you want to be Successful at interview, you must be able to take the lead ahead of your competitors.

And given that you won’t always know who your competitors are, you need to prepare as if you are going up against the best of the best.

This coaching has been built by Carol Anne Lowe, a world leading Executive Super Coach, whose personal clients include globally successful CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. She is fondly known by her political clients as ‘The King Maker’ because of her success in aiding Prime Ministers and Political heavyweights achieve their desired roles even in the most difficult of circumstances.

This Competency focused, Executive Interview Coaching currently holds a 100% success rating, which means that all candidates trained here have been successful at the interview they were trained for. Obviously no-one can guarantee that you will get a role, but we believe that our exemplary track record demonstrates the strength of this training.

This Advanced Interview Skills Coaching offers ‘easy to use’ structures that will maximise your confidence in your abilities so that you can:

  • Demonstrate that you are a leading candidate for the role
  • Communicate your Competency Examples with ease
  • Pro-actively show how your Past Experience brings strong, required skill-sets to the position
  • Up-grade your personal Communication Abilities and Interpersonal skills for interview

If you need Interview Skills Training. We believe that we are the best in the business. Here are just a few things that our successful clients say:

***   “I had huge self-confidence after this training. I felt strong and resilient and the best version of me really”

***   “I had been over complicating it. She made it so easy”

***   “The things that I was most concerned about just melted away. Seriously Impressive”

***  “Her approach was brilliant. She showed me how to make complex explanations more interesting and engaging”

***   “She really knew her stuff, I knew immediately that I was in very safe hands”

***   “Immensely Beneficial. The techniques I learned I will continue to use in training my own senior management team”

***   “This training was transformative. Post Interview I was told that they had never seen me engage so expertly before.”

***   “I thought I’d had excellent Interview Skills training before… until I did this! Genuinely the best investment in me that I’ve ever made.”

֎      Private Session

֎      Advanced Interview Skills

֎      60 Minutes

֎      €275