The Science of Re-Pair.

The Science of Re-Pair

A Totally Unique Relationship Coaching Program with Proven Results

Re-Pair Assumptions
Re-Pair - Choices

A Simple Analogy…

Your Relationship is like a Computer

Imagine that a few years back you bought a fabulous new computer (Relationship). In the beginning it was amazing. Okay, perhaps some of the features weren’t exactly 100% what you’d wanted, but you figured you’d get used to those, or you’d change them 😉 

And, let’s face it…  the really exciting features (The one’s that you loved or that your friends and family thought were fantastic) more than made up for the little glitches.

But over time, the computer programs that ran the ‘fantastic’ features have slowed down a lot or they just aren’t operating any more, and now the features that you didn’t really like in the beginning are really starting to bug you. Maybe there have even been some serious glitches that you aren’t prepared to put up with any more. So, you have to own up to the fact that… it’s just not working the way you’d like it to anymore.

This is where Re-Pair comes in…

  • Re-Pair identifies the programs (Habits) that came with the computer (Relationship).
  • Re-Pair updates the programs that are essential to happiness with better programs. Ones that you like and ones that actually work. and…
  • Re-Pair focuses your attention on the programs that are really causing you problems and shows you how to erase those or change them.

So whether it’s a small glitch or a complete dis-connection in the relationship, Re-Pair can help you to see your options clearly and make strong, informed decisions.

Then you can have a clear path to repair your current relationship or you can go into stand-by mode so that you can Re-Pair your own personal connection with yourself before Re-Pairing with your partner when the time is right.

The Re-Pair program has been designed using several psycho-analytic tools which audit your communicative, behavioural and emotional programming and identifies if they are the best choices for you.

Using the most innovative aspects of Cognitive Linguistic Architecture©, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meisterschaft, Gestalt and The God Complex©, Re-Pair will give you insights, tools and techniques to move from where you are now to the happiest place that you and your relationship can possibly be.

Re-Pair includes many techniques

Here are just a few…

  • Re-Pair begins with an Audit of where your relationship is now and how you feel about that

  • Re-Pair helps you to identify what you would like to have more of in your relationship and what you might like to change

  • Re-Pair focuses your attention on new programs that you can use immediately to stop ongoing disagreements or negative conversations

  • Re-Pair identifies what roles you and your partner have assumed in the relationship, so that you can decide if these roles are working for you or against you

  • Re-Pair will help you to identify some of the verbal and physical communication patterns that you and your partner use which may be stopping you from moving through the current problems into a better, happier and more fulfilling place.

“My sister recommended Re-Pair to me. She felt that I deserved to be happy.  I’m enjoying the discussion groups more than I thought I would. We’re like a group of old friends now and I like having people to talk to who just know me as me”          Frances