Weighting to be loved

When you look in the mirror what do you see? What do you say to yourself?

Are you telling yourself you ‘re too fat? Too skinny? Too old? Too small? Too tall? Too ugly? Too hairy? Too wrinkly?

Now imagine saying all of those things to someone that you actually love… could you?

Maybe now is the time to put a rose coloured filter on your eyes and start looking at yourself with kindness and love, how do you look now?

Wouldn’t it be something to start telling yourself each time you passed a mirror, “oh there you are, you are beautiful, you are perfect in every way and I love you.”  This may not feel authentic straight away, but it’s worth it to start a new practice. After a few weeks or maybe less time it will become natural.

If you are feeling unhappy with how you look, how much you weigh, what size you are, you really need to look at the cause of what is going on, on the inside. What emotions are you suppressing? What beliefs are you holding about yourself? Are they all bad? How can you truly love someone that you only have bad about them?

If the beliefs you hold are negative then you need to look at changing them. That’s a starting place.

If you overeat for protection, then who or what are you protecting yourself from? If you are starving yourself, what are you trying to control in your life? Where do you feel out of control?

Maybe the real question is ‘What is the pay-off that my unhealthy behaviour brings?’

Do I love myself so little, that I will actually poison my body just to hear other people remind us that I are good enough to be loved?

Stop now, take real action and maybe chat with one of our coaches or therapists before starting yet another diet that will just re-inforce a negative belief. Weight is rarely about food, it’s about control, discomfort and lack of self-respect and love.

Here’s a wonderful affirmation to get you started, try saying it in front of your mirror every day…

I am beautiful, I am unique and special and I am the greatest love of my life.

Carole Fitzpatrick ©