Authentic Feng Shui Horoscopes

Did you know that your energy profile can help you to Re-Pair your personal energies to those of your personal spaces?

When we are born, we are given a unique personal identity by Mother Nature. Our date of birth gives us certain information about ourselves and our loved ones, and we can make use of this information to help us to live well and better manage our health, well-being, and relationships – throughout our lives. Your date of birth can tell you the following:

Your Animal Sign

Each animal sign in the Chinese year moulds the personality and characteristics of those born in that year, as well as that year’s course of events. Everyone is born under an animal sign according to their year of birth in the Chinese calendar. There are twelve animal signs in the Chinese zodiac, one for each year, which runs in a twelve-year cycle. Each animal has a certain set of characteristics that affects the personality and behaviour of a person born under that animal sign. The twelve animals are the rat, ox/buffalo, tiger, cat/rabbit/hare, dragon, snake, horse, goat/sheep, monkey, rooster/chicken, dog, and pig. Some signs get along well together, whilst others may find it difficult to tolerate one another’s company!

Your Reigning Element

Everyone has a single reigning element from the five elements i.e., earth, metal, water, wood or fire. The five elements influence people’s characteristics, the way they interact with others, their energy type, and their tolerance levels in the company of others, as well as affecting how they should decorate their home, the type of house they should live in and the location in which they should live. Some people belong to an element that benefits our element so we feel supported by them, whilst other people may belong to an element that harms our element, so our energies are depleted by them. There is also a season that best suits your element i.e., when your energies are at their best.

Your Kua Number

Everyone has a Kua (magic) number, and these numbers range from 1 to 9. The numbers are applicable depending on your year of birth and whether you are male or female. Your number relates directly to your health (weakest organ), your form of communication (group), and the energies nature gave you (best and worst directions).

Your Communication Group

Everyone belongs to one of two communication groups, one group being east and the other west. East group people and west group people find it easier to communicate with others of the same group as themselves. This is because when a person belonging to, say the east group, says something to a person belonging to, say the west group, the west group person misunderstands because they are on two entirely different wavelengths. In turn, this has an adverse effect on our relationships and our ability to relate to certain people. As we spend so much of our time communicating, we need to learn how to better communicate using all the tools available to us.

Your Weakest Organ

Everyone has a weakest organ, which is the organ that takes the greatest impact of negative energies from our surroundings, and/or a poor diet and lifestyle, and/or stress. To better manage and look after our health, we should monitor our weakest organ for signs of impending illness and avoid things that will aggravate or negatively affect those organs. For instance, if our lungs are our weakest organ, then we should avoid smoking, and if our liver is our weakest organ, we should avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

Your Best & Worst Directions

Everyone has a set of four best and worst directions, depending on the communication group they belong to. Our best directions are ones we should face or sectors we should occupy within our homes to get the maximum positive energy from our surroundings. Our worst directions should be avoided to minimise any negative impact on our us and our lives.

About the author

Nina Kati is Ireland’s leading feng shui interior design consultant, coach, educator, and speaker specialising in holistic design for positive living. She works closely with you empowering you to live your best life by creating life-changing transformations. She has a track record of success spanning more than 20 years, won many awards, and uses her expertise to create positive energy, colour harmony, emotional well-being, physical vitality, and healthy flow. ninakati.ie

Nina Kati