Why Create a Vision Board?

Vision Boards are a great way to plan a new way of life, a new future, a new relationship… in fact anything that you can prefix with the words ‘a new…’ can be the basis of a Vision Board.

Plan Your Perfect Life

So when was the last time that you actually planned what you want in your life? Most people just go with the flow and never take the time to think about what their perfect life could look like. In fact, most people spend more time planning their holidays than they spend planning their life.

You have choices

Everything that is currently in your life is the result of a choice you made. So is your life filled with good choices or bad choices? And if there were some bad choices, what would you replace them with? That’s a good place to start a Vision Board.

Annual Goal-Setting

In business or in life, Vision boards are a great starting point for deciding what you want in your future.

  • Identify each Goal for the year
  • Identify the steps you need to take to get ‘From here to There’ for each goal
  • Identify what and who you need to help you reach your goal
  • Focus on the goal every day

By identifying what you need and who can help, you’ve already changed how you see your future. Now you just need to act on it.


Mindfulness is the ability to focus on one thing for a period of time. So creating a Vision Board is perfect. You will have great fun diving into a fantasy world of what you’d love to have if you could choose the life that is perfect for you.

Creativity Helps With Happiness

Being visually creative is a positive stimulant for your brain. When you view things that make you happy, you release positive hormones which actually make you fell happier. You also get to be a kid again being creative and artistic in your own way.

A Garden of Positive Intentions

Every time we choose an image that we like we are creating a positive intention at a subconscious level.

Every positive intention and feeling that we plant actually begins a process of creating new neural pathways in our brains which allow us to feel more optimistic and happy.

So remember to think about each image you choose as being a seed that you plant. The more seeds you plant, the greater the chance you have that your future will grow into something beautiful. And even if the seeds don’t grow into the exact flowers that you thought they would, they’ll still add colour and joy to your life.


Looking at your Vision Board every day with images and words that represent your goals, wishes, and values will actually help you to feel more empowered about the control you have over the new choices that you are going to make for your future. And empowerment means confidence, so don’t be surprised when other people start to notice a happier more confident you.

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